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Pop up Shop ‘Rare Beauty’ now on in 94 Columbia Road E2 7QB

I have a month long Jewellery Pop shop with my  five lovely jeweller friends from Flux studios for a moment. The shop is located in heart of trendy East London. The famous Columbia Sunday Flower Market is on the same street. I will be at shop this Sunday and next Sunday (13th& 20th October). please pop in and say hello. (top jewellery image from left to right: Alex Yule’s rings, Becky Dockre’s big cuff and Yuki’s brooch)

Rare beauty shop

‘Tutti Frutti Rare Beauty shop’ ©RyanMcnamara 2013
Where: Number Ninety Four, 94 Columbia Road, London E2 7QB
When: every Saturday and Sunday  5th- 30th October 2013/ Weekdays by appointment only
Opening Time: Sat 11a.m-5.30p.m / Sun 10a.m- 5.00p.m


More information to visit : Face book page ‘Tutti Frutti Rare Beauty’ and  ‘Number Ninety Four’

Rare flyer

Let me recycle…

I place silver scraps in a ceramic tray and heat up the scraps by a big gas torch (30-40 mins) and then melt them all down. Very hot indeed (Silver’s melting point is over 897 C). After cooling down, I use a rolling mill to make the material thinner! A chunk of silver needs to be rolled over 20 times from 20mm to 1.5mm. My arms and back were aching, but hey, recycle for love! These were used for ‘Recycled (one-off pieces) range, here.